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The Women in French Newsletter is a vital link for our membership. It is published twice yearly, the first issue in the spring of each year and the second in the fall. This newsletter is provided free of charge to our members in good standing and provides invaluable information  regarding professional activities  and significant events pertaining to our organization, such as professional conferences, symposia or colloquia and recent publications by our members.

Additionally, this bi-annual newsletter regularly offers an annotated bibliography that provides pertinent and practical comments, as well as pedagogically sounds strategies, and tips and/or students input. Reports from our members who have attended, participated and/or organized professional events worthy of note are also part of our newsletter.

Cheryl Morgan, Professor at Hamilton College, is currently the editor of the Women in French Newsletter.

Practical information for submitting contributions to the newsletter

Deadlines for submission relative to colloquia, reports or pedagogical tips, announcements, etc. are as follows:

  • January 15, for the spring newsletter.
  • August 30, for the fall newsletter.

Format: MS-WORD VERSION 6.0 to be sent to Cheryl Morgan at cmorgan@hamilton.edu.

NB: To ensure that our spring Newsletter appears online on schedule, the above mentioned deadlines stand as stipulated without exception.

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